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NCKU Student Association COVID-19 Prevention Announcement(2022.05.09)

According to NCKU’s new announcement on May 7th, new measures for student events are listed as follows:

1. All events STILL need to be applied beforehand. Only when the application was approved could you hold your event. The application must come with event proposalevent COVID-19 prevention plan and NCKU Checklist to evaluate preparedness, prevention and control of COVID-19 in Public Gatherings (4.27 version). Your prevention plan shall contain all the elements that are required by the Checklist.

2. After the event is over, organizers should provide a roster of event participants to SDAD. You may also fill out the information online: https://reurl.cc/g2QQEQ

3. When rapid screening or PRC results are positive, please report to the Safety Center (ext.55555), and contact SDAD if you have participated in any student association events in the past 3 days.

4. For those have had more than 15 minutes of face-to-face contact with the confirmed case during anytime the confirmed case has taken off their masks within 2 days before the case is confirmed, a three-day "epidemic prevention leave" should be conducted and it is not allowed to enter the campus. The school will provide one rapid screening test kit to such people. Students who live in the dormitory must still move to the quarantine dormitory.

5. For more detailed measures, please see: NCKU Student Association COVID-19 Prevention Announcement2022.05.04

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