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【轉知】Business Today's 48th International Conference


For the past 48 years, Business Today has attracted top undergraduate students from across the world to be part of the International Conference. This unique opportunity exposes attendees to diverse viewpoints, not only from many industries and companies, but also from students of different countries, universities, and backgrounds. True to our mission, we connect influential business executives with top undergraduate students to develop the next generation of leaders. At Business Today’s International Conference, we aim to create a meaningful dialogue in which students and executives can connect and learn from each other so that together we can face the issues of tomorrow.



Join a diverse group of business-oriented undergraduates from across the world this November 4th through 6th in New York. 
All expenses, including travel and board, will be covered by Business Today.

IC Attendees will meet with top executives and business leaders to explore how they create community through business and how they are adapting to digitization, ESG, and social trends. They will be exposed to diverse viewpoints through keynotes and panels and provided with interactive, hands-on opportunities through seminars and workshops to engage directly with executives from leading businesses.

This year's speakers: Speakers — The International Conference 2022 (businesstoday.org)



The IC Application deadlines for our three application cycles are below. Applicants are selected on a rolling basis, so applying as early as possible is recommended. 

  • 1st round: July 1st
  • 2nd round: August 1st
  • 3rd round: September 1st


FOR MORE INFO PLEASE CHECK: The International Conference 2022 — Business Today

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