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NCKU Student Association COVID-19 Prevention Announcement(2022.11.7)

According to the new NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Announcement, measures for student events are listed as follows:

  1. All events should be applied beforehand. The application should be submitted along with event’s proposal, COVID-19 prevention plan and the Checklist. Only when the application is approved could you hold your event.
  2. During your event, every participant should put on a surgical mask all the time. Only under 2 situations could they remove their masks temporarily:
    1. While doing sports.
    2. While performing. (including practicing)

When remove mask, one should keep social distancing (1m indoor; 1.5m outdoor). For those who do the performance, they should at least have 3 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, or a negative test result from the COVID-19 rapid kit within 3 days.

  1. No eating and drinking during event, except drinking water. If your event would include meal hours (breakfast, lunch & dinner), you may arrange break time for the participants to have a meal. But they should keep social distancing while eating, and they shall not change seats, nor chat with others.
  2. You may choose whether to take participant’s body temperature or not during your event.
  3. There’s no limit for the number of participants, yet one cannot exceed the limits of venue capacity. For the venues in SAC I & II, please check here: https://reurl.cc/k1qj93
  4. While applying for event, please fill out the number of Non-NCKU Participants. Organizers should collect their name list ahead and keep the list for 14 days just in case. They are no longer required to provide proof of at least 3 doses of COVID-19 vaccine or negative test result.
  5. If the participant is undergoing self-initiated prevention period, they can still participant your event if they have a negative test result from the COVID-19 rapid kit within 2 days, and have no symptoms.
  6. We encourage all participants to download and turn on the APP “Taiwan Social Distancing”.
  7. In order to stop mass spreading, student associations should cancel their events following the principals below:
    1. When there are two or more confirmed cases within 48 hours in one student association, the student association should cancel their events for 2 weeks, and their association’s office will be closed.
    2. In 7 days, if there are more than 4 student associations that have cancelled their events, all student associations must cancel their events. SAC I and II will be closed as well.

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