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【System Announcement】New Club Management System launched on 8/1

Hello everyone,

The new Club Management System (https://sys.activity-osa.ncku.edu.tw/) has been launched on August 1st. The main improvements are the user interface and online approval by advisors. Here's a brief overview:

  1. You can log in to the system without using a VPN (use your 7-digit club code as the login ID, and the password remains the same as the old system; remember to change your password immediately upon logging in).

  2. Once club members are added, they will receive confirmation emails and need to verify their identity within two weeks.

  3. For on-campus event applications, you can apply to book venues managed by SDAD on the same page. If the venue is club-managed, an additional approval process is required.

  4. Online application for off-campus events is now available, eliminating the need for paper submissions.

  5. New hiring of club advisors and off-campus coaches can be done online (off-campus coaches need to submit their Police Criminal Record Certificate in person to SDAD).

  6. Applications for event and equipment funding will be approved online, and you can track the approval process within the system.

  7. Club leaders should be aware that all application forms in the system require approval from the president/chairperson. Please ensure your email address is correct.

  8. If an approval stage is rejected in the system, it will be sent back to the original applicant for modifications before resubmission.

  9. To align with E-Portfolio in the future, club cadre positions will have standardized titles (after logging in, please add president and other cadre information; see attached instructions).

If you have any further questions, kindly contact SDAD or visit them in person for inquiries.

Note: Club login accounts are now in a 7-digit format with the original 5-digit code. For codes starting with 88-99, add a leading 0; for codes starting with 00-11, add a leading 1; and for all codes, add a trailing 0 after the alphabet (e.g., 88A01 → 088A001; 00E32 → 100E032).

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