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【Important】SAC II Extended Closure Trail (2023.10.11~12.31)

  • In accordance with resolutions passed during the "SACII Extended Closure Proposal Discussion Meeting" on September 14, 2023, a trial period for extending the opening hours of SACII has been initiated. The plan received approval from the Vice President for Student Affairs on September 27, 2023.

  • Opening Hours Modification
  1. From October 11 until December 31, 2023, SACII will remain open until 23:59. However, the first to third meeting rooms and the first to sixth discussion rooms will still close at 21:59.
  2. From 22:00 to 23:59, access to SACII's interior will only be allowed through the D-24 main entrance, the D-24 side entrance, and the small door adjacent to the third meeting room (as illustrated in the attachment). To use other entrances during this time, clubs must seek access permission in advance, ensuring card swiping is used for entry and exit, and remain vigilant for any unauthorized individuals attempting to enter.
  3. Non-NCKU club members must be personally accompanied by NCKU club members when entering or exiting SACII.
  4. During this trial, the facility's closure will be primarily overseen by part-time workers employed by the SDAD, aided by club users (clubs are required to register their assistance using a form to notify the workers).
  5. If any significant safety or security issues emerge during the trial, or in other mutually agreed upon situations between the SDAD and the UCA, the trial may be halted prematurely.
  6. At the trial's conclusion, an evaluation will be carried out, potentially assessing user count, stay duration, any rule breaches, electricity expenses, and safety conditions. User feedback will also be gathered to debate whether to prolong the trial or officially instate modified management rules.

  • Important Notes
  1. While this trial offers more room for club activities, it's crucial for users to prioritize personal safety. Exercise caution when moving around at night and always keep your physical and mental health in mind.
  2. Kindly lower your voice when in SACII during nighttime hours. Be considerate of your surroundings and stay alert to any suspicious activities.
  3. An "Emergency Alarm and Reporting System" is installed in SACII (as marked on building floor plans). This system is reserved for emergencies. To trigger it, lift its protective shield and push the button, setting off a continuous bell sound (which can't be muted for 2 minutes). This also notifies the Campus Security Squad's alarm system. Additionally, you can reach the Campus Security Center at extension 55555 (direct line 06-2381187) or the Campus Security Squad at extension 66666 (direct line 06-2752615); during daytime hours, our office is reachable at extension 50360.
  4. For any other topics not covered, the SDAD will issue additional announcements and updates.

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