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Notice]Guidelines for NCKU Student Clubs in Venue Reservations (2021.08.25)

1.These guidelines have been formulated in accordance with National Cheng Kung University Student Autonomous Organizations and Student Clubs Fundings for Campus Venues Implementation Plan.

  1. While using Conference Room/Lecture Room/Guest house Booking System (http://eadm.ncku.edu.tw/welldoc/default.php), please be aware that the application form you filled out would only appear in the system after the staff of S.D.A.D. has accepted. Once your application shows (申請通過待繳費) in the system’s calendar, you have reserved the venue successfully. The fee for the venue will either be handled by S.D.A.D with the funding automatically, or be discussed in the Venue Funding Committee before further arrangements.
  2. Notice: You MUST have a Proposal of the event submitted with your application. Please use the format in the attachment to write your proposal.
  3. There will be a 20,000NTD funding per semester for each student association to use on venue costs. You could only use this funding for non-charging events.  If the venue fee for your event is over 10,000NTD, the use for this funding will first be discussed in the Venue Funding Committee.
  4. Please check relevant regulations before booking venues. Standard Procedure for Venue Reservations
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