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Open for application - non-NCKU event participants

1. Student associations may now apply for non-NCKU participants to join your event.

2. One must fill out Event application in Club Management System first, then you can apply for non-NCKU participants.

3. There's no limits on event locations. But you could only bring non-NCKU members into SAC I & II only after your application has completed. If they wish to use club's office, you must have a registered event in the system first (saying you'll hold an event in club's office). For locations other than SAC I & II, you must check with location manager first to see if there's any other relevant regulations.

4. How to apply:

a. Download and fill out the attachment (non-NCKU member list)

b. The list must be submitted at least 3 working days before your event to SDAD representative.

    ex.1 : event held on Sep. 25th (SAT) or Sep. 26th (SUN), you must submit your application before Sep. 22nd (WED)

    ex.2: event held on Sep. 27th (MON), you must submit your application before Sep. 22nd (WED)

    ex.3: event held on Sep. 30th (THU), you must submit your application before Sep. 27nd (MON)

5. Make sure you have checked the travel history and contact history of your participants before event. And you should always follow your COVID-19 prevention plan during event.

6. Don't forget to submit full participant list in 3 days after event.

7. Relevant regulations will be adjusted on a rolling basis according to the epidemic, and any changes will be announced on SDAD's website

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