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Student Event and Student Activity Center Under Level 2 Alert (2021.10.07)

  1. Student Events as follows:
    1. Maximum number of participants: indoor – 80 people; outdoor – 300 people. (including staffs) If exceeded, the epidemic prevention plan of the event be submitted to Tainan City Government for approval before implementation.
    2. (according to NCKU Checklist to evaluate preparedness, prevention and control of COVID-19 in Public Gatherings)
    1. Student Associations must submit an event application in Club Management System first, and can only process the event after the application is approved.
    2. When submitting an event application, event proposal, epidemic prevention plan, and Checklist must be attached.
    3. For off-campus events, application form (hard copy) must be submitted to SDAD, with the necessary documents.
    4. The event should adopt real name system, body temperature checking, wear surgical masks throughout the process, and prohibit eating & drinking, etc., and carry out a risk assessment before the event. If the planned epidemic prevention measures cannot be perfected in accordance with the regulations, it is recommended to cancel or postpone the event.
    5. When practicing musical instruments, other than wind instruments, you should wear masks throughout the whole process, and please adjust the practice time accordingly to avoid discomfort caused by wearing masks for a long time. When playing wind instruments, you can take off the mask temporarily, but you should put on mask at any time when you don’t need to play.
    6. Other than demonstration needs (dance, folk songs, chorus, play wind instruments), musical instructors must wear masks throughout the process.
    7. Performance-related equipment is based on the principle of personal use and should not be shared.
    8. A list of all participants in the event shall be submitted to SDAD within three days after the event.
    9. If non-NCKU members wants to participate in the event, please submit an application to SDAD at least 3 working days before the event date.
    10. Sports course coaches who have not vaccinated or have not been vaccinated for 14 days are required to have a proof of COVID-19 negative test within 3 days before the first course, and take regular COVID-19 rapid test every 3 to 7 days.
    11. Please pay attention to the following items when having off-campus events:
      1. Social distancing should be maintained, masks should be worn, and the number of people allowed in the space should be observed. Attention should be paid to the prevention plans of scenic spots and accommodations, real name systems should be adopted, and crowd control should be implemented.
      2. If you take a public transportation (such as a tourist bus), you should follow the " Guidelines for COVID-19 Response: Public Transport" from the CDC and relevant regulations of the Ministry of Transportation.
      3. When planning activities, in addition to the relevant regulations NCKU, plans should also follow the "Public and Private Social Educational Institutions' Epidemic Prevention Management Guidelines", "National Scenic Areas, Tourism and Amusement Industry, Travel Industry and Accommodation Industry Provide Staff and Passenger Reference Guidelines", "Competitive and The leisure sports venue industry responds to the COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Management Guidelines" and other related epidemic prevention regulations.
  2. SAC I and SAC II as follows:
    1. The opening hours are from 8 am to 22:00 every day, and is closed on national holidays.
    2. The building is disinfected in every morning, noon, and at night. When entering and exiting the building, please scan your student ID card or employee ID card. DO NOT FOLLOW THE OTHERS INTO THE BUILDING WITHOUT SCANNING.
    3. Venue booking for non-NCKU units are still suspended.
    4. If student associations need to book a venue, please make a reservation through the Club Management System.
    5. All public spaces (meeting rooms, professional classrooms, outdoor spaces, etc.) are subject to crowd control based on indoor space at least 1.5 meters / person ( 2.25 square meters / person) and outdoor space at least 1 meter / person ( 1 square meters / person), so for the limits of the number of people in each space, please refer to: https://reurl.cc/mvD32Y . You should follow the limitations in each space and keep a proper distance.
    6. Please note: Although some indoor spaces can accommodate more than 80 people, according to current NCKU regulations, the number of participants for indoor events cannot exceed 80 people.
    7. As for the limits of each club’s office, the numbers are all posted on the doors of the offices.
    8. When using club’s office, you should wear a mask at all times, no eating and drinking, and take body temperature, hand disinfection, scan QRcode to record your footprints before entering.
    9. If a non-NCKU member wish to use the club’s office, please complete an application for event in the system first. Before the application is approved, non-NCKU members are not allowed to enter.
    10. Venue booking for NCKU units: please apply online through the Club Management System, and attach the event proposal, epidemic prevention plan, and Checklist for review.
  3. D-24 as follows:
    1. It will be opened at noon on October 12.
    2. 24 hours opening, closed on national holidays.
    3. The space is disinfected everyday in the morning, noon, and evening. When entering and exiting the building, please scan your student ID card or employee ID card. DO NOT FOLLOW THE OTHERS INTO THE BUILDING WITHOUT SCANNING.
    4. After entering, you must wear a mask all the time, no eating & drinking. Please complete taking body temperature, disinfect your hands, scan the QRcode and before taking a seat. Don’t forget to take your belongings with you when you leave.

Relevant regulations will be adjusted on a rolling basis according to the epidemic, and any changes will be announced on SDAD's website


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