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NCKU Student Association COVID-19 Prevention Announcement(2022.05.04)

According to NCKU’s latest Announcement, new COVID-19 prevention measures for student events are listed as below:

1. All events should apply beforehand. The application must come with event proposalevent COVID-19 prevention plan and NCKU Checklist to evaluate preparedness, prevention and control of COVID-19 in Public Gatherings (4.27 version).  

2. There’s no limit to the number of participants. But the participants shall not exceed the maximum capacity of each space.

3. It is forbidden to eat or drink during events. Dining is permitted during breaks, but not in groups. Please maintain social distancing and eat alone.

4. Base on the analysis of confirm cases from student events, it is strongly recommended to wear a surgical mask all the time while doing activities that cannot maintain social distancing. Such as dancing, martial arts, etc.

5. Conversational events such as live broadcasts, video recording, hosting, reporting, giving speeches, giving lectures, etc. can remove surgical masks while speaking. But it is required to maintain social distancing and put the mask back on once the speaking is over.

6. Make sure to take participants’ body temperature, do disinfections, wear surgical masks, and scan NCKU Venue QR code during events to facilitate the contact tracing.

7. Please download the Taiwan Social Distancing App. Make sure to turn on the Bluetooth while using this App.

8. Non-NCKU participants need to complete 3 doses of COVID-19 vaccine before participating the event. If they don’t have 3 doses, please provide negative certificate of rapid screening with in 3 days. Participants must follow the prevention measures. It is also advised to download KUAP before entering the campus.

9. After the event is over, organizers should provide a roster of event participants to SDAD.

10. When rapid screening or PRC results are positive, please report to the Safety Center (ext.55555). For the process, please refer to ‘‘Standard Operational Procedures for Epidemic Investigation and Handling of Suspected or Confirmed Cases of National Cheng Kung University ’’.

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