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There are more than one hundred student clubs right now, divided into the following six categories:


Academic and Arts clubs: focus on academic studies or specific skills

(e.g., Fire Performance Club, Society for the iGEM, TED x Tainan etc.)

Recreational clubs: promote legitimate recreational activities

(e.g., Harmonica Club, Sign Language Club, Folk Dance Club, Guitar Club etc.)

Sports clubs: focus on physical training

(e.g., Aikido Club, Weaponry Art Club, Bowling Club, Cheer Leaders etc.)

Ministrant clubs: implement social services

(e.g., Child Service Club, Students Service Club, First-Aid Club etc.)

Fraternity clubs: promoting and establishing interpersonal relationships

(e.g., University Life Club, Indonesian Student Union in Tainan, Hsinchu Society etc.)

General clubs: usually having multiple purposes

(e.g., LGBTIQ Club, Formula Racing, Yoga and Meditation Club, Leadership Club etc.)


Also, there are departmental student associations of each department in NCKU.



How to Join the Club                   How to Establish a Club