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Students Associations

The guidance and management of student associations must be supervised by the Division of Extra-curriculum Activity in accordance with the concerned directives of the Ministry of Education and the regulations of the University's Students Clubs Union Association.


Clubs Deliberation : We match up the Dean of the Students Affairs and the core members of the student autonomy organization to have the meeting monthly to proceed the communications faces to faces directly to achieve the common goal.

Students Autonomy Integrate: We match up the Vice President for Student Affairs to hold the meeting with the students autonomy cadre members monthly to proceed the communications and counseling faces to faces directly which assists combination tasks of the students autonomy organizations and carries the training courses of students organizations’ agendum rules out.


(1) To give the certificate document to the students who joined the activities.

(2) To cultivate students the ability of writing proposal and distribute the budget rationally and efficiently through the evaluation of the proposals.

(3) To hold the training activities for clubs core members and establish the service-learning concept to them.

(4) To reach the execution goal of the Departmental Associations and Students Clubs Data Evaluation and establish the full evaluation system for students organizations.